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Industry Fair

2018 Participating Companies


Venu LH Business Growth Center
Period Nov.15th(Thu.) to 17th(Sat.) 2018
Company Participation 34 booths from 27 companies

2018 참가업체

부스번호 회사명 전시품목 홈페이지
PAMS01 KT Pangyo Autonomous Driving Practical Complex Contents www.kt.com
SD System www.sdsystem.co.kr
LX www.lx.or.kr/lx
Chemtronix www.chemtronics.co.kr
PAMS02 Vector Korea IT Inc. Autonomous Shuttle Bus www.vector.com/kr/ko/sitemap
PAMS03 KOREA LAND AND GEOSPATIAL INFORMATIX CORPORATION  Public DB for Intellegiant Vehicle Recognition Technology Support www.lxsiri.re.kr
PAMS04 DAECHANG MOTORS Electrical Vehicle  www.dacmotors.co.kr
PAMS05 HANCOM MDS MMS Measurement and S/W www.hancommds.com
PAMS06 WeGo Inc. Autonomous Driving Date Process www.wegokorea.kr 
Unmanned Solution Co. www.unmansol.com
PAMS07 Semisysco Co., Ltd.    semisysco.com 
PAMS08 SUHDOL ELECTRONIC & COMMUNICATION Autonomous Platform www.suhdol.co.kr
PAMS09 GEOSTORY   www.geostory.co.kr
PAMS10 BlueWhale Inc. Parking Lot Surveillance System for Disabled Person www.bluewhale.kr
PAMS11 PLK Technologies Deep Learning PD (Autonomous Pedastrian Recognition System)  www.plk.co.kr
PAMS12 SpringCloud Inc. V2X Solution and ADAS Solution  www.aspringcloud.com
PAMS13 SOS Lab Co. Ltd. LiDAR Vision Software  soslab.co
PAMS14 Seoul Robotics  LiDAR seoulrobotics.org
PAMS15 ControlWorks Atonomous Shuttle Bus www.control-works.co.kr
PAMS16 algo-thing Traffic Light Controloer,Real Time Connection Option Board , Trafic Light Connection Software www.algo-thing.com
PAMS17 WISEautomotive Ez Parking  www.wise-automotive.com
PAMS18 HandsON Technology GSP Simulator www.handsontech.co.kr
PAMS19 infobank Electric Vehicle Invertor and sic Adoption Interactive Converter Technology www.infobank.net
PAMS20 GNSS Solution Co Ltd Autonomous Vehicle LiDAR Development Start Up Company www.gnss-solution.co.kr
PAMS21 Korea Electronics Technology Institute Autonomous Driving / ADAS Solution  www.keti.re.kr 
PAMS22 Department for International Trade, British Embassy Seoul UK Vehicle Industry Status and Introduction Booth  www.great.gov.uk
PAMS23 Bespoke Engineering Inc. Super Sized Electric Vehicle  
subject Hall Pangyo Autonomous Motor Show Customized Engineering in Vehicle, Machinary, Product Designing and Manufacturing  www.gpams.co.kr

Hosted by Organized by
Sponsored by
Secretariat Office of The 2nd Pangyo Autonomous Motor Show 2018
Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley LH Business Growth Center/ Gyeonggido Sung Nam City Sujung-gu Shiheung Dong 294-2
Tel. 82-31-721-1415E-mail. pams_gg@naver.com