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Autonomous Driving Show Run

University Vehicle Convergence
Technology Competition

The Korea’s Best Performance Among EV competitions of University Student, E-Formula
The talented people who will lead autonomous driving industry through autonomous driving platform made by themselves will join.

Date Nov.15th to Thu to 17th Sat
Venue Outdoor Event
Organized by University Vehicle Convergence Technology Competition Organizing Committee
Sponsored by Korea Transportation Safety Authority,
Korea Society Automotive Engineers
Qualification University Student, Masters Course , 1 Team from Each School
Category E-Formula
Static, Movable Event , Announcement Event Evaluated within 1,000 scores

Autonomous Driving Test with Engineering Knolege
E-Formula Autonomous Driving
Ranking Prize Ranking Prize
1 5M won(Trophy, Certificate) 1 3M won (Trophy, Certificate)
2 3M won (Trophy, Certificate) 2 2M won (Trophy, Certificate)
3 1M won (Trophy, Certificate) 3 1M won (Trophy, Certificate)
Presentation Awards 1M won (Certificate)

Hosted by Organized by
Sponsored by
Secretariat Office of The 2nd Pangyo Autonomous Motor Show 2018
Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley LH Business Growth Center/ Gyeonggido Sung Nam City Sujung-gu Shiheung Dong 294-2
Tel. 82-31-721-1415E-mail. pams_gg@naver.com