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PAMS 2018

PAMS 2017 Progress Results

  • Date & VenueNov. 16th Thu to Nov.18th Sat / Pangyo Zero City Business Support Hub
  • Capacity16 companies (Exhibition), 839 scholars in and
    out of countries and related people (International Forum)
  • Major Accomplishment12,063 visitors / 654 Media exposers includes KBS 9 PM new

The World’s First Autonomous Motor Show took the market first.

  • 9 companies located in Gyeonggi-do and 16 companies in Korea participated
    (decision to participate next year 100%)
  • Synergy Effect with 3 major event, international forum, Show Run, Exhibition

Experience Hands on Motor Show

  • Zero Shuttle Unveiling and Test Driving , EV Slarum Experience Events
  • 654 Media Exposure includes KBS 9PM News
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Secretariat Office of The 2nd Pangyo Autonomous Motor Show 2018
Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley LH Business Growth Center/ Gyeonggido Sung Nam City Sujung-gu Shiheung Dong 294-2
Tel. 82-31-721-1415E-mail. pams_gg@naver.com