PAMS Challenge

Challenge #1: Pangyo ZeroCity Autonomous Driving Empirical Test


Encouraging companies to join empirical test on autonomous driving

Target participants

Companies with test plans for autonomous driving in Pangyo ZeroCity


Autonomous driving car challenge

Autonomous driving mobility service challenge

Autonomous driving car technology innovation

Autonomous cooperative driving technology innovation

Evaluation criteria

Quantitative : Accumulated statistical data according to evaluation criteria

Qualitative : Evaluation on overall performance through presentation

Award Ceremony

Oct 16(Fri), Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center

Challenge #2: Autonomous Driving Perception Technology


Developing autonomous driving database and algorithm for domestic road conditions to improve accident-prone situations


Image perception using data from sensors on autonomous driving cars (front image, 3D distance data provided)

Target participants

Any researcher (companies/students, individuals/groups) in autonomous driving technology


Perception of front environment (front image data provided)

Omnidirectional 3D environment recognition (front image data, 3D distance data)

* Participants can make full use of data acquired from autonomous driving cars through sensor fusion


Registration : ~Oct 12(Mon) 18:00

Presentation & Award ceremony : Oct 16(Fri)

How to apply

Fill out the application form and security pledge and apply by email

* Please visit www.kodas.or.kr (notice menu) to download the forms.

The secretariat will send front image and 3D distance data by email

Submit the results by Oct 12(Mon)